About Me

I am a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Professional Tutor at the Naugle CommLab. Starting Fall 2018, I will be an Assistant Director at the Naugle CommLab, particularly focusing on development and sustainable frameworks. I hold a Ph.D. Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Kansas with primary interests in cultural rhetorics, visual, digital, and material cultures, transformative composition pedgagogy, and places of public memory.

My research interests include: cultural rhetorics • visual, digital, and material culture •  composition studies •  multiliteracies • multimodal composition • visual rhetorics • cultural rhetorics • digital and multimodal rhetoric • technical and professional communication • genre theory • knowledge transfer • participatory culture • fan cultures • online education • virtual methods

In my composition classroom, I centralize student interests and passions as much as possible, valuing students’ individual experiences as integral to the writing process. An example of this would be my incorporation of fan narratives and fan work into composition courses, allowing students to work from a base of investment as they compose. In my technical and professional writing classrooms, I emphasize process, collaboration, and clarity. Students gain an understanding of genre norms while considering audience and context. In my cultural rhetorics classrooms, I attempt to bring together multiple conversations and experiences in the making of meaning within various communities.

I have extensive experience in writing center work. Currently, I work as a Professional Tutor at the Naugle CommLab, the Georgia Tech Communication Center. Beginning in January 2013 as a Graduate Writing Consultant, I worked with a great community of undergraduate and graduate writers from all backgrounds and all skill-levels. I worked with writing center administration and other consultants to train incoming consultants (with my particular emphasis in online consultations via videoconferencing technology). I also served as a Consultant Development (ConsDev) Group Facilitator, while also acting as a workshop and writing group leader. I held an administrative/internship position as Marketing Coordinator after a year as Lead of Marketing and Outreach. I aim to continue this work well into the future. Now, I bring this experience to the Naugle CommLab, helping graduate and undergraduate students as they compose a variety of genres– from their ENGL 1101 podcasts to graduate thesis revisions.

In Fall 2016, I was a Richard and Jeannette Sias Fellow at the Hall Center for the Humanities, an interdisciplinary research center for the humanities, arts, and social sciences. The fellowship supported a single semester of focused dissertation work in residence at the Hall Center among scholars in various fields and disciplines. On December 7th, I presented “Native American Ledger Drawings ‘Unbound’: From the Plains to the City and the Lines Between,” a seminar sponsored by the Sias Fellowship and the Hall Center. This seminar considered the post/de/para-colonial conversation within, between and across two knowledge-curating and knowledge-propagating spaces. My work as a public scholar and an instructor earned me the Outstanding Alumna Award for the Kennesaw State University English Department in October 2017.

As a teacher, writer, and scholar, I aim to facilitate productive conversation– in professional, academic, and community environments. My courses encourage students to critically engage with communities while enhancing their communicative skills through process-driven pedagogy.

For more information on my teaching, please check out my teaching materials.

For more information about my professional works, including published papers and presentations, please check out my curriculum vitae.


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