Technical Communication

This course introduces the principles of technical communication. Students in this course learn to organize, develop, write, and revise various technical documents (e.g. letters, manuals, presentations, proposals, reports, resumes, and websites) often needed in business, engineering, and scientific settings. The ways in which professionals in various fields communicate can be specific to that field, but there are conventions that span the breadth of technical communication. In particular, this course will center the tenets of professionalism, clarity, brevity, and “correctness.” This course will develop your ability to engage technical genres with the professionalism deemed appropriate for the workplace. In particular, the course is designed with individuals in mind, with each assignment providing the ability for students to meaningfully personalize the assignment to fit their respective fields and interests.

Writing is in a state of constant evolution, changing and developing with the technologies that are developed. Therefore, this course includes an introduction to general technical-writing software: Excel, PowerPoint, and website generation. With this in mind, access to the internet is required. Any sites used in the course structure will be free of charge and accessible.

Sample Syllabus